European Antique Vintage Fixed Telephone Landline Telephone For Home

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Black Peach WoodRde Peach Wood

European Antique Vintage Fixed Telephone Landline Telephone For Home


Lend a retro look to your home with this European phone. It is made from premium-quality materials, which makes this phone durable and long lasting. Decorative and functional, this

phone is an ideal option to your livingroom, study and bedroom.

1. Personality rings, real people sing: Farewell to the traditional bell, live singing, and the chord music is at your option.
2. Multiple alarm clocks, life tips: Combine multiple sets of alarm clocks and make them your life tips.
3. Lightning protection function, safe and secure: Lightning protection against electromagnetic, no fear of thunderstorm weather, safety and ease.
4. Volume control, comfortable and relax: Multilevel volume control, protect your ears, make your living environment more comfortable.
5. Retro look: Classic retro appearance design, elegant atmosphere.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Size: Approx. 214 * 176 * 88 mm / 8.4 * 6.9 * 3.4 in
Caller ID: Yes
Visual Function: None
Recording Function: None
Number Storage: Yes
Color: Black Peach Wood, Rde Peach Wood (Optional)
Weight: Approx. 770 g

Original Chord
Music Time
Dial Number, Pick-off, Call Backlight
43 group of 12 calls
Group 9 12-bit deenergization
3 Alarm Functions
FSK/DTMF Call Dual Compatibility
Anti-lightning, Anti-electromagnetic Interference
Weaver Anti-theft
Voice Mail Paging
IP Fast, Secure Dialing
Ring/Hands-free Volume Control

3 AA batteries are required.

1. Setting operation function:
Under the hot press “set” button to enter Settings menu, LCD screen display “- 12345678 -“, press “delete” key to exit in the process of setting Settings, click “Settings” button to return to the superior menus, 13 seconds without any operation, automatic exit status. If there is no battery or low voltage line, press the “Settings” button and the LCD screen will only display “-1234567-“.
2. Time setting:
Under hot press “set” key, then press “1” key to enter time Settings, LCD digital in flashing, can be set up on the screen of the direct input Numbers respectively set the month, days, hours, minutes, clock for 12 hours, according to “turn on” or “flip” key shift, with “*”, “#” button input “morning”, “afternoon”, respectively, after when setting the minutes phone automatically quit setup status.
3. Exit code setting:
Under the hot press “set” key, then press “2” key to enter exit code set, LCD screen display “OCOOE -“, the first “-” flashing, direct input number, press “*” to cancel out code, can be set up three biggest exit code. When the exit code is set, for the call number, the return dial will automatically add the exit code to dial out; IP dialing also automatically adds out code. (automatically pause for 3.6 seconds after you dial out code and then dial the following number).
Note: exit code Settings are convenient to use on internal switches.
4. Local area code Settings:
Under the hot press “set” key, then press “3” button to enter the local area code set, LCD screen display “ARER -“, the first “-” flashing, direct input number, press “*” to cancel the local area code, can be set up five largest local area code. After setting the local area code, if the first few digits of the calling number are the same as the local area code, it will be filtered out. The phone will only display and store the Numbers behind the local area code.
5. Flash time, dial mode and anti-theft switch Settings:
Under the hot press “set” key, then press “4” button to enter FLASH off time, dial-up mode and security switch Settings, LCD screen display “SEL – 123 -“, press “1” into the FLASH off time choice, LCD screen display “FLASH” 1000, according to “turn on” or “flip” button failure time (there were 100 ms and 120 ms and 180 ms and 300 ms and 600 ms and 1000 ms optional); When the LCD screen display “SEL – 123”, press “2” key to enter dialing mode selection, LCD screen display “TONE”, according to “turn on” or “flip” key selection method (TONE dialing TONE, PULSE PULSE dialing); LCD screen display “SEL – 123”, press “3” button to enter security ON/OFF option, LCD screen display “SPI OFF”, according to “turn ON” or “flip” key selection mode (SPI OFF said closed, SPI ON open).
6. Clock Settings:
Under the hot press “set” key, then press “5” button to enter the alarm clock Settings, LCD screen display “, 123 “(123 indicates three groups of alarm clock), then press” 1 “key to enter the first set of time Settings, LCD screen display” AL 1 OFF “, press “*” on or OFF the alarm clock, LCD screen display “AL 12-1 00”, direct input time (24 hours). The second and third groups of alarm clock setting methods are the same as the first group. Every time the alarm clock rings for 50 seconds, press any key, ring the bell or take off the alarm.
7. Block Settings:
Under the hot press “set” key, then press “6” button to enter don’t disturb Settings, LCD screen display “SLEEP 00-00”, according to “turn on” or “flip” key to adjust the time don’t disturb, 30 minutes each time you press the increase or decrease (if the LCD screen display “SLEEP 00-00” said no don’t disturb). During the interruption period, there is no dial, no call, no ring, no alarm. In the state of no disturbance, if the LCD screen shows “SLEEP 02-41”, the remaining time is 2 hours and 41 minutes, or the end of the time of no interruption or the withdrawal of the hook machine once.
8. Chord Setting:
Press the “Settings” button in the pending state, and then press the “7” button to enter the setting of the ringtone. The LCD screen displays “SONG 01”. The LCD screen shows “SONG 06~SONG 13” as the chord sound effect. The LCD screen shows that “RING 14~RING 18” is a common built-in RING tone. The LCD screen says “RING OFF” is OFF for RING tone. Press up or down to select the corresponding chord music. (you can press the “Settings” button to exit the ringtone setting during setting).
Note: when the outside voltage is less than 36V, 5 normal ringtones and ringtones are turned off in the ringtone setting item.
9. Voice Paging Number Settings:
Under the hot press “set” key, then press the “8” button to enter the voice pager number set, LCD screen shows “NO COOE”, direct input number (such as the original number, number, according to two consecutive “delete” button to remove the number, then enter the new number), input is completed, press the “set” key then can enter up to 16 bits number. For example: enter the “12345678” paging number and press the “Settings” key.
10. To set the function switch of telegraph number (off by default):
Under the hot press “*” key for 3 seconds, enter the number to switch Settings, and then press “*” key to select ON or off, when the LCD screen display “N – C ON” 10, is open to the telegraph, function, number of times is 2 times; When “n-c 10 OFF” is displayed on the LCD screen, the function of telegraph code is turned OFF.
11. Voice paging function Settings (off by default):
Press the “#” button for 3 seconds in the pending state, enter the paging setting, and press the “#” button to select ON or off. When the LCD screen shows “N NIH ON”, it means that the paging is ON. When “N NIH OFF” is displayed on the LCD screen, the pager is OFF. When the pager is set to open, the pager will automatically pick up the pager twice after 25 seconds of ringing the bell. For example, if the paging number has been set to “12345678”, “please dial 12345678”. If no paging number is set, there is no paging function even if the paging is set as on.

Package Included:
1 x Host
1 x Telephone Wire
1 x Handle Wire (Curved Line)
1 x Manual

1.Please allow 1-3 cm error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.
2.Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from the real object. Please take the real one as standard.

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